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A specially curated healthy menu that optimizes nutrition while eliminating unnecessary/unhealthy seasoning to the bare minimum. The clean profile of our fusion creations is enhanced by the natural flavors of prime and fresh ingredients used, catering to every palette.




Farmers and Chefs

At Farmers & Chefs, we hope that customers are truly able to enjoy the real food here at an affordable price. Farmers & chefs prides itself for using fresh ingredients for our customers. We aim to create an enjoyable dining experience whereby every dish whipped up and served to be filled with holistic wellness. Our menu has been created thoughtfully for the masses whereby children, adults and even the pioneer generation are able to give rein to. We hope to provide varying options for people to choose from and come back for more in the future. Due to the nature of our café (pun not intended), we desire every dish served to encompass the nutrients our customers need.

Our chef has had experience with only working with fresh ingredients and doing away with MSG. He believes that as a chef, he should be able to use his professional cooking skills of over 15 years to bring out the flavours of the fresh ingredient without having additional “helping hands”. He shares that even his homemade sauces are painstakingly refined till he has found the right portioning of ingredients to create his final product. He picks fresh herbs from the little back garden we have to enhance the aroma of the food.

While the idea of real food has been floating around, to grab and translate the meaning of that onto a plate topped with garnishes takes a whole lot of effort. The menu may not be perfect but is our chef’s fruit of labour. He explains that per say, if the food has any sort of sweet taste, he derives it from the fresh and real ingredients itself. To attempt to create an item on the menu, countless trial and error was what went on ‘behind the scenes’ of each dish. Our chef is dedicated to exploring different routes in the kitchen to serve a wholesome meal for customers. From the presentation, the side dishes and sauces to the type of meat, we hope that our consideration in these small details will up a notch in the standard of our healthy café food. We are open to constructive feedback to understand customers’ taste and preferences better as we do recognise the room for improvement.

Farmers and Chefs Food Menu

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